A highly integrated Flatpanel-Controller to connect Analog RGB(VGA), DVI, DisplayPort, Composite-Video, S-Video and Component-Video sources to TFT flatpanels.

From a single 12V-DC power supply, it generates all required flatpanel input voltages including power sequencing. LED or CCFL backlight support can be controlled by either PWM or voltage.

A Multi-Standard Video-Decoder handles PAL, NTSC, SECAM and other video formats

DVI Input

2x DVI inputs up to WUXGA

Analog Input

Analog RGB up to WUXGA@60Hz, All color depths up to 24 bits

DisplayPort Input
Integrated DisplayPort 1.1 compliant receiver up to WUXGA

Video Inputs

Composite Video (CVBS), S-Video, Analog component Video (YPbPr)

Video-Decoder (integrated)

3D adaptive comb filter, SD-TV ( CVBS, S-Video and analog component input), HD-TV ( Analog component input only )


DCDi (Directional correlational de-interlacing) by Faroudja®

High Quality Advanced Scaling

Horizontal & Vertical Zoom/Shrink allows pixel based independed positioning, zooming and shrinking of Main and PiP input


Wide range power input 12V- 24V-DC, Two separate onboard power supplies for flat panel (up to 3A) and backlight (up to 3.5A), Capability of connecting an ambient light sensor to control backlight brightness via ADC inputs, Multi-function GPIO’s can used as I²C,PWM outputs and external interrupt source, PWM and voltage controlled dimming, Scripting support, DDC2Bi / VCP (also accessible via script), SerialAPI for accessing various adjuster and functions, SerialOSD for keypad-less controlling

Integrated OSD

On Screen Display (OSD) control for all features


JILI30 (up to 24Bit dual channel LVDS) 30Bit dual channel LVDS via additional connector, Output up to WUXGA@60Hz (1920×1200)

Form Factor

Dimensions (PCB)       : 179.07 mm x 114.29 mm x    1.50 mm (L/W/T)
Dimensions (Module) : 179.07 mm x 119.50 mm x 16.50 mm (L/W/H)

CRTtoLCD-71 Datenblatt






Multimedia Full-HD-Flatpanel-Controller with Analog-RGB(VGA) via DVI-I, DisplayPort and PAL/NTSC/SECAM video inputs and Dual channel LVDS output



5-button On-Screen-Display(OSD)-Keypad incl. cable for CRTtoLCD-51-pro/61-pro/-71



Serial-RS232 connection cable for CRTtoLCD-71



Infrared(IR) connection cable to be used in combination with standard remote control according to RC5-Standard for CRTtoLCD-71