DVI-D, VGA(Analog-RGB) and DisplayPort (DP) inputs, resolution up to WUXGA (1920×1200)

Highest picture quality due to improved scaling algorithms

Powerful software tools, including Panel-Editor and Serial-API, Scripting support

DVI-D Input

Highest quality up to WUXGA@60Hz (with full zoom & shrink capabilities)

VGA (Analog Input)

Analog-RGB(VGA) up to WUXGA@60Hz, All color depths up to 24 bits

DisplayPort Input
Integrated DisplayPort 1.1 compliant receiver up to WUXGA

High Quality Advanced Scaling

Horizontal & Vertical Zoom


Two separate onboard power supplies for flatpanel (up to 3A) and backlight (up to 3.5A)
Onboard Temperature Sensor and Elapsed Hour Meter for predictive maintenance options
PWM or voltage controlled backlight dimming
Ambient Light Sensor support to control backlight brightness via ADC input
GPIO’s also configurable as I²C or PWM output
Scripting language support
DDC2Bi / VCP (also accessible via script)
Serial-API for full access to various functions and features
Serial-OSD for keypad-less OSD control

Integrated On-Screen

On Screen Display (OSD) control for all features

Display-Interface Features

JILI30 (up to 2x24Bit dual channel LVDS) output up to WUXGA@60Hz (1920×1200)

Form Factor

Dimensions ( PCB)      :  101.60 mm x 88.9 mm x  1.5 mm  (L/W/H)
Dimensions (Module) : 118.60 mm x 95.0 mm x 16.5 mm (L/W/H)

CRTtoLCD-62 Datasheet






Full-HD-Flatpanel-Controller with VGA(Analog-RGB), DVI-D and DisplayPort inputs, Dual channel LVDS output, Temp-Sensor and Elapsed Hour Meter retrievable by OSD or serial interface



5-button On-Screen-Display(OSD)-Keypad incl. cable



Serial-RS232 to TTL converter cable for CRTtoLCD-51-pro/-61-pro/-62/-71-LP/-61-LP