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eCOUNT embedded component distribution is specialist in the procurement of obsolete or difficult-to-procure components, as well as a valuable and experienced partner to benchmark existing conditions. We support our customers from the design in to the procurement process.
eCOUNT embedded component distribution represents well-known manufacturers from the semiconductor industry. As a manufacturer of industrial scaler cards, eCOUNT Embedded GmbH has access to the Asian component market and thus the possibility for long-term requirements to provide competitive conditions. In the procurement of allocated or discontinued components, we work together with audited suppliers, internal test equipment and well-known test houses.
eCOUNT embedded component distribution uses a well-defined QA process, which can also be modified in consultation with our customers.

We innovate

eCOUNT embedded component distribution & eCOUNT Middle East use an innovative selection process for supplier qualification.

All sources and processes of our suppliers are reviewed by us as part of an annual audit.

Together with our QA partners and in constant consultation with our customers, we provide quality deliveries. With our innovative procurement concepts, we can be a valuable partner both for acquisitions and for long-term needs


eCOUNT embedded component distribution & eCOUNT Middle East use the entire network of the eCOUNT Group in the supply chain.

As a manufacturer of industrial graphics cards we are part of the international procurement market. In the interest of its customers, eCOUNT uses all the synergies that result from these international connections and can thus also be a valuable partner for all long-term needs.

A full service

eCOUNT embedded component distribution & eCOUNT Middle East ensure high-quality deliveries via our certified network. In addition, in consultation with our customers, we use a comprehensive portfolio of service partners to offer a certified quality concept for all acquisitions as well.

Our “full-service-policy” covers all possible component tests and repairs, such as Post-tinning, re-balling, ball-straightening, optical surveying, electrical component testing, programming services, gilding, component drying, taping & reeling, X-ray, error analysis and reporting, as well as a concept to extend the shelf-life-time of components

Why eCOUNT embedded component distribution?

Independent Distribution

Independent Distribution means – we use a personally certified supplier network for the procurement of active and passive components. As a manufacturer for scaler boards, eCOUNT embedded also has access to the worldwide CEM market.


Due to our many years of experience and our worldwide supplier and service network, we are always a competent partner for all procurement questions and customer-oriented solutions


The basis of our success is the quality of the suppliers audited by us and the related services we offer to our customers.

Our incoming goods processes are
ISO 9001: 2015 certified.


We have a customer-oriented and customizable quality process that we can adapt to our customers at any time in terms of high-quality deliveries. In addition, together with our QA partners, we are able to repair and test discontinued components.

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