eCOUNT embedded eCLOUD for Flatpanel- and RFID-Solutions

eCOUNT embedded eCLOUD offers full connectivity to enable central parameterization and constant monitoring of the operational status of displays.

This brings two clear advantages: higher ease of use and lower maintenance costs.

Comfortable, IP based user interface

Wherever much configuration and parameterization is required, a user-friendly interface is highly welcome.

A central cloud for all distributed user interfaces

Users and OEMs be able to leverage clouds and navigate a monitor via IP addresses to centrally manage and maintain their displays.

Monitoring and management made easy

The system can be conveniently configured from a cloud workstation anywhere in the world.

Managing the RFID reader in the cloud

When the optional RFID reader for the display controller is also connected to the cloud, there are many more benefits.

Free cloud hosting

The eCLOUD from eCOUNT embedded can be used with private or public clouds.

Secure cloud connection
via WLAN or Bluetooth

The communication with the central cloud is designed to meet the latest security standards and TLS 1.2 encryption.

Version 1.0
now available

Version 1.0 of eCOUNT embedded eCLOUD supports the 30 most popular features.